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Service throughout and beyond the Nordic region!

The same high quality of service across the Nordics

Through cooperation with our sister companies in Sweden, Finland and Germany, we can deliver service agreements with the same high quality of service throughout the Nordics.

Intermed is our partner in Finland, with more than 30 years of experience in servicing medical equipment and lab equipment. Intermed is established in several locations in Finland and delivers throughout the country.

Unitronic AB, is our branch in Sweden.

Through our newest sister company, Conworx Medical GmbH, we can support your service needs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Conworx also has an extensive partner network in other European markets and is experienced in offering European wide services.

Together, we deliver cost-effective service, with the same high quality, throughout the Nordic region.

Vital service

We take our mission and social responsibility seriously and place quality and competence first. We are an ISO-certified, approved apprenticeship company and employ 15 DSB-approved (governmental approvement) engineers. As an independent service partner, we ensure all necessary competence and certifications to look after our customers’ medical equipment.

Unitronic has many years of experience as a service provider

Unitronic AS is Norway’s leading independent service provider for periodic maintenance, service and repairs of medical technical equipment, laboratory equipment and aids. Our 30 employees in the field are apprentices, technicians and engineers. They have broad experience and specialist expertise in various types of medical technical equipment in use at Norwegian hospitals, nursing homes and other private and public health institutions.

With head office in Asker and district offices in Lillesand, Stavanger and Trondheim, we deliver approximately 45,000 workorders throughout Norway every year.

Steady and healthy growth for more than 30 years

Unitronic AS has operated on the market since 1988 and has grown steadily since then. The company has solid finances and equity, long-term owners, and has invested throughout in quality, competence and structure, so that the company’s growth is steady and healthy.

Unitronic AS is owned by Serendipity Partners, an investment company within the health sector. The company is growing strongly.

Are you looking for an experienced and independent medical device partner?